Monday, October 12, 2009

Declaration of an Injustice

I am perturbed that these two subjects share a section of my local Barnes & Noble, let alone a shelf. I find solace in knowing that the Dewey system of classification would not allow for this.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is the Starbucks experience lost?

As an avid Starbucks patron, some would argue coffee addict, I have noticed a degree of downward delta in the experience. Most recently, the Via campaign has incited for me reservations on the state of Starbucks. How does instant coffee fit with the image of a coffee chain once set on bringing the European coffee experience to American consumers? How will this latest product addition change that experience?

I have no issue with the offering of instant brew. In point of fact, it offers a great deal of variety to the mélange of choices ever-present in coffee houses. The imbiber is now empowered to control the strength of their individual cup o’ java. Instant coffee has been a cultural staple the world around; nonetheless, I wonder how will it affect our increasingly instant culture. At one time, people took the time to sit and mutually enjoy coffee. For now, I’ll take my time and be true to the brew.

To see Starbucks' Via commercial click here.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why the Bow Tie?

Photo Courtesy of Esquire UK

First let us dispel some misconceptions of bow tie wearers. Not all who don the bow are of the dweeb variety. For those brave few with chutzpah, a bow tie sends an aplomb message to passers-by and familiars alike. Recently, this particular cravat derivative has seen an increase in popularity. In style or not, the bow tie is a semblance of something lost and forgotten in our breakneck modern age.

It evokes thoughts of chivalry, decorum and etiquette far removed from the daily practices commonly exhibited today. But while this may be, some, even those who do not necessarily subscribe to the bow tie doctrine, still exhibit these dwindling traits. In no way does this appurtenance bestow or guarantee propriety; although, it goes a long way in putting on that appearance. Beyond the higher order reasons for the bow tie, they are far less cumbersome than a standard necktie.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome to the Bow Tie Guy blog.

Here you’ll find a collection of posts on life, style and social media. A broad focus to be certain, the purpose of this blog is to imbue the web with a muse for further opining on such matters.

It should be said from the outset; this is no periodical for the pusillanimous among us. Enjoy.



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