Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why the Bow Tie?

Photo Courtesy of Esquire UK

First let us dispel some misconceptions of bow tie wearers. Not all who don the bow are of the dweeb variety. For those brave few with chutzpah, a bow tie sends an aplomb message to passers-by and familiars alike. Recently, this particular cravat derivative has seen an increase in popularity. In style or not, the bow tie is a semblance of something lost and forgotten in our breakneck modern age.

It evokes thoughts of chivalry, decorum and etiquette far removed from the daily practices commonly exhibited today. But while this may be, some, even those who do not necessarily subscribe to the bow tie doctrine, still exhibit these dwindling traits. In no way does this appurtenance bestow or guarantee propriety; although, it goes a long way in putting on that appearance. Beyond the higher order reasons for the bow tie, they are far less cumbersome than a standard necktie.


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  1. I was also raised to believe that a gentleman ties his bowtie once and lives with the result. Which explains a lot of my photos.



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