Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tie Tuesday: The Ascot

Recently, MT and I were in Italy for a much needed holiday.  Among the items procured, an ascot/cravat.  A curiosity had long been building in my mind about them and I caved.  Here is the result...

And I may need never recover from this youthful folly.  The simple truth is: who doesn't want silk around their neck?  I also learned that the ascot worn as above is known as a day cravat.  Apparently, ascots are also the name for the article worn on the outside of the shirt under the collar for more formal occasions, like weddings, which I had thought was a cravat.  (I still prefer the bow tie for formal occasions.)  Far from an expert on this, I'll refrain from expatiating on the history of the garment's evolution, but suffice it to say it was interesting research.  In any case, I have since found the ascot to be a sensible and stylish alternative to the open collar, albeit unconventional and best applied irregularly. Not to mention a comfortable choice.  Who else has been known to wear such attire?


Sure there are some less exceptional Ascotists, but don't let that dissuade you.  Give it a go, even if only in the privacy of your own home. You may never go back.



  1. Your cravat looks great, and I agree that silk on skin is a lovely feeling that shouldn't be exclusively reserved for women.

    Here in Australia, there is a famous food critic/television personality who favours cravats. Here he is now: http://www.mattpreston.com.au/thumbnaillarge/Cravat-a-licious.jpg

    I fear that he's ruined them for the Australian male population for at least a decade.

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