Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Abode Requirements

Photos courtesy of Restoration Hardware

I am working from home today due to the blizzard conditions in the DC area. Working at home from the sofa, chair and dinner table really has me thinking a desk would be a practical investment. It's been making me fancy this particular desk I've been eyeing. Restoration Hardware's 1920's French Drafting Table has old world charm and modern functionality. The ability to tilt the table offers a host of convenient uses. Given this is from RH, it is likely excellently crafted as well. This is certainly on the wish list.



  1. You don't need to twist my arm; I adore it as well.

  2. May I be so bold as to point you in the direction of my friend Leila? She has a new collaborative project on the go that might interest you.
    desk diaries

  3. Gorgeous! I had an old drafting table in my apartment in San Francisco that belonged to my great-grandfather (he was a set designer in Hollywood...). It's in storage now somewhere in California---might just have to make a special trip out there to get it! Just adore your (and your lady's) blog! XX



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