Friday, February 5, 2010

To Boot

Images Courtesy of Google

The greater D.C. area seems to be in a state of mass hysteria. For those of us effected (or perhaps I should say affected) by this bit of inclement winter precipitation, here are some essential boots you'll need to weather the climate.

The prototypical Bean Boot by L.L. Bean (bottom left) is for plodding through the snow banks. These boots don't discriminate; they simply dominate everything nature throws at them. Bean's construction quality leads to life-long wear. Ultimately, you'll want another - read second - pair and for that occasion they stock a profusion of styles.

Equally becoming with khaki chinos and denim, the Blundstone 500 (top left) are the most resourceful boots one can have - also my personal go-to boot. These stalwart companions require minimal care and are the labrador of the variety.

With the technical superiority of a swiss timepiece and infinitely multitalented traits of a Swiss Army knife, Raichle's hiking boots (top right), swiss-made, are as ready for climbing glaciers as they are a stroll through the park.

Once the snow begins to deliquesce, the man about town has two options at his at his disposal. For traction, the Red Wing rugged classic boot (bottom right) and for perambulating around the Alden 405 (center), or Indy Boot. Both are available at J.Crew. Each pair evinces dashing style somewhere between Steve McQueen and Harrison Ford.

Of course there are other purpose built boots for a myriad of activities these should serve as a taste of the options most germane for the conditions.



  1. A useful resource this. I had a nightmare this year finding boots better than awful. Ladies have so many more choices. I eventually found some, by Nestor, that work for the most severe conditions, but which don't make me look like a polar explorer. They're even made in Italy.

  2. I really like those Alden 405s. I think I'll add them to the list...



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