Monday, February 15, 2010

Belated Presidents Day

Image Courtesy of Disney-Hyperion

While in Charlottesville with MT over the weekend, we visited Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Among the items procured during our stay was the delightful book for youth on some of the Founding Fathers. The subjects include John Hancock, Paul Revere, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson - despite the title. Lane Smith has created the exemplar publication for the education of youth on matters of history.

The book highlights each of the aforementioned characters with anecdotes about both their contribution to the forming of America as well as their individual personality. A true work of art this. The Modern Traditionalist, who gets full credit for actually finding the book, and I were laughing as we read. In addition to the physical volume there are online extensions of the experience, which as a marketing professional delights me. The extra elements include an online game, a video trailer and a theater script.

Suffice it to say, if more children's books were of this likeness, then I would not tremble for my country.


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