Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happiness 101

The Modern Traditionalist tagged me on this a number of weeks ago, but ambivalence has muted my response.  I actually had to think about what 10 things made me most happy.   I essentially spooked myself by thinking too abstractly.   That was more difficult than I had anticipated.   One often defines their likes by their dislikes.  To dislike something takes no sweat off one’s brow.  To like something or to derive happiness from it requires a serious understanding of a thing and its component parts.  With all this in mind, here are 10 things that make me happy in no particular order or classification.  Keep in mind; this is not a top 10 list.

Award Rules:
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1. Bow Ties and sundry formalities of a time forgotten.
Many of the items to follow can certainly fall in the later category. In an age of when widgets are merely assembled and created with its disposability in mind, I seek out the rather rare items made to last generations. I love when something is created with care and consideration.  Items with storied histories and blemishes of age attract my attention.
Fred and Adele Astaire in 1921 Courtesy of Wkipedia
2. Cigars & Fine Scotch

Nothing enlightens the mind and refuels the soul faster.
Photo Courtesy of Google Image
3. Fitted Clothes
There, I’ve declared it.  Clothes make me happy.  While confidence cannot be drawn from the clothes on your back, it can be enhanced.  This isn’t fashion by any means.  I really do not care what other people seem to believe is “in”.  Sticking to the well-tailored classics has always suited me well.
4. Driving Cars
I simply love to drive. To me destination and distance don’t matter, but rather what I am driving.
Courtesy of Autoblog
5. Gadgets and Technology
I think it is a guy thing.  We all want to be James Bond for one reason or another.  Jet pack, grenade pen, laser watch, underwater name it he had it.  Of course those are slightly more advanced that what is available to us today.  I should add that these things make me happy, when they work. My iPhone being the obvious exception since it only frustrates. 
Photo Courtesy of Google Image
6. Keeping Fit
Strenuous physical activity certainly clears the mind of the trivial and keeps the body functioning efficiently.  
Photo Courtesy of Google Image
7. Manly Pursuits
From shooting skeet to shooting the proverbial, you name the manly pursuit and I likely enjoy it.
Photo Courtesy of Google Image
8. History
"If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development."
Photo Courtesy of Google Image

9. Family and close Friends
Sure they exasperate from time to time, but there is little else more rewarding than the good times we have. The fond memories of shared experiences, inside jokes, and family dinners will always be some of the most influential ingredients of BTG.
Photo Courtesy of Google Image

10. Time with the Modern Traditionalist

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  1. Thank you for the mention, kind Sir. I have had the honour to repay the favour to you and Modern Traditionalist here.

  2. 1. Thanks for the mention and following SG.
    2. That shooting picture is incredible.

  3. I just found your darling MT's blog and followed you here, so glad that I have, you are my first male blog that I will be adding to my reading list. Simply adore the last car photo you listed.

  4. You have a great blog. I think you might like this one too, if you don't already know it.



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