Monday, April 26, 2010

An Addition

The Modern Traditionalist and I have a new addition in our ranks.  Meet Lord Quincy.  I am not one to extol those, who treat their animals as children.  I am here proving that "dog people" can be "cat people".

Formerly named Bones, we adopted Q, as we have come to call him, just over two weeks ago from a local shelter.  He was at one time living on his own and was recovered alone from a parking lot.  Quincy has certainly adjusted from life on the street as seen below resting on his favorite cashmere throw after reading about WWI with me.

Quincy is proving to be a delightful addition to our lives.  I've always been a real "dog person".  Here it  seems, Q is cat for a "dog person".  He sees you off in the morning and greets you upon return in the evening.  Q aims to please from the moment you arrive.  What cat greets you with a wagging tail and a wet tongue?  He does.  His favorite activity is rolling on his back while receiving belly rubs.  Q enjoys showing off his hunting skills when chasing his toys around the apartment.

He simply does not act like a conventional cat.  For instance, when you call, he comes to you.  I believe he fancies himself a bird dog, a faithful labrador.  In this respect, he is picking up exactly where his predecessor, Rudy, left off.  Rudy - AKA the Furry Eccentric - was a unique feline in much the same way. We are happy to have little Q.  He is a dog in a cat's body.



  1. I think that's what we need. We lost both of our dogs over the last couple of years. Our daughter claims to be more partial to cats, yet we've never owned one. Hubby & I have always considered ourselves "dog people." So, if we can find a Lord Quincy like you have, perhaps we'll take the plunge. :)

  2. JMW,
    Check into the Snowshoe breed. That is what Lord Quincy is and what Rudy was. They are loyal, attentive and attention seeking, especially the males.




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