Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Timbuk2

Now that I am no longer commuting to work via car, I have a renewed love for my daily commuting companion.  This is my Timbuk2 bag.  It has withstood more than 5 years of abuse including many thousands of travel miles for work and pleasure.  No, it is not the most beautiful or elegant bag one could choose to carry on a daily basis, but it does everything you need it to do.  The only other bag that has ever come close to handling every situation is a LL Bean book pack.  Even those fall prey to weather being as they are not water resistant.  This has kept my items safe and dry in many inclement situations.

I recently added this Cocoon Grid-it organizer to keep things in their place.  This is a wonderful little invention for those of us who like to keep things organized while in transit.  I like to have a multifarious assortment of items with me, just in case.  The organizer keeps each item findable.  Whether attaché case, shoulder bag, messenger bag, back pack, book pack, satchel, briefcase, tote bag or, yes - for the ladies, purse there is a Grid-it organizer for you.  They even offer a luggage size.  No, I was not solicited for any kind of coverage of this product.  It is a great product for frequent traveller and commuter alike.  

Sure a beautifully crafted case is more ideal to complete the elegant gentlemanly persona I prefer, but none are as functional as my simple messenger bag.  For occasions that dictate, I use a more elegant canvas and leather shoulder bag.  There is no doubt I would rather use a beautiful leather briefcase to carry my wares to and from the office daily.  The issue there becomes: how do I multitask effortlessly?  Reading the paper is made easy with this over the shoulder bag.  Also, in the event of inclemency, there's no need to fret about any electronics in tow; moreover, I do not need to worry about the case itself being damaged.  

In sum, this messenger bag has treated me very well over the years and I don't foresee abandoning it for another option anytime soon.  I welcome your suggestions or comments on daily commuting appurtenances.


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  1. Wehre did you get he cocoon grid it? While it seems a bit like that organizer for a chick's purse brite (as seen on TV) it makes total sense for both the Tote or brief case or northface pack.



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