Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Morning Brew

Few things start a morning better than a wonderful cup of espresso.  It is not a mere caffeine delivery mechanism, but rather the impetus for a better state of mind.  The experience of brewing an espresso clears my mind and perks my senses.  This prepares me for the day and all life will require of me.  Above is a quality example with perfect crema accompanied by one of The Modern Traditionalists delightful madeleines.  Cheers to a great day!



  1. While I prefer a regular cup of java, I know what you mean about it setting the tone for your day. So cheers back at ya!

  2. Hubby and I had dinner at an Italian restaurant the other night and he always ends his evening there with an espresso. I can't do it that late at night - I'd be up until dawn! But, it's so tasty. I'm with James, though, gotta have my regular cup of java (a dash of cream) in the morning.

  3. James and JMW,

    Thanks for commenting. I should have added that it isn't the only form of coffee I drink, but it is my customary morning beverage. From my days at school in New Orleans, I still have a love for chicory coffee, which only makes me crave a beignet (or 6!). Whatever your morning brew, it becomes a ritual. A day without it is an off day.



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